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Why Is Colon Hydrotherapy Important?

Ideally you should have a bowel movement for each meal eaten, or at least one bowel movement each day. Most people don’t. The average person is walking around with at least six to ten pounds of fecal material in their colon. This is very unhealthy! Consider your colon as your sewer system. It is the last place everything dumps into and unfortunately, what we eat doesn’t always come out. After years of processed food without fiber, the ingestion of medications and other toxic chemicals, you can see how one’s health may be on the decline. Did you know the large and small intestine stretched out would be the length of a bus? Knowing what goes on in the last 5 feet of the intestines can save your life.

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Colon hydrotherapy can change the way you feel and start you on the road to a healthy new beginning. Losing volume weight, feeling vibrant and a healthy glowing skin are just a few of the many benefits of colonic therapy.


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