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Colon Facts

Trivia Offered by a Reputable Colon Cleansing Center

Did you know that your colon is approximately five feet long? You will learn even more interesting facts if you keep reading. Visiting a colon cleansing center for regular colonic therapies will help you understand the importance of this vital organ:

Your large intestine stretches from your small intestine to your anus.

Depending on the food you eat and your lifestyle, it takes from 12 to 48 hours for it to exit your body. If you think that it will be released with the next bowel movement, this is not correct. The process of the food products going through the entire length of your guts actually takes time.

It has been estimated that approximately 100 trillion microscopic organisms live in a human colon. Our colons host countless micro-organisms as a part of our gut flora.

Your bowel never gets completely empty. Even if you stop consuming food for several days, there will still be stool in it containing gut bacteria. So, fecal matter will be constantly formed.

The number of the bowel movements are different for different people. Although some people consider one bowel movement a day as normal, others say they go to the toilet twice or more? So, there is no norm.

Eating a large meal will trigger bowel movements. It is true that the new food going into your body causes a gastrocolic reflex. Once you eat something, the food particles are going into your digestive system leading to bowel movements.

Do you need to learn more about your excretory organs and the threats to it? You can contact a colon cleansing center like Aqua Bella Health Care for professional services with flawless results. You can speak with the specialists in Las Vegas, NV at (702) 248-2782.

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Almost all Americans will eventually have diverticulosis. Diverticuli are sac-like herniations through the muscle-wall of the colon caused by increased pressure in the bowel from constipation. As we get older we develop many diverticuli that can become impacted with fecal material that can cause inflammation. This symptom can be very painful and is known as diverticulitis.


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